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Looking for a professional & experienced Building and Civil Setting-out engineer for your project?

  • Specialist Setting-out (civil & building)
  • Flexible Shifts (Ad-hoc or Long Term)
  • Fast Engagement
  • Dedicated Support
  • Covers all of England

We can serve your project in and around London. You can contact us to get a quote by either filling in the form on this page, giving us a call on 0203 744 3020 or sending us an email at .

You may combine our Topographical Survey with a Measured Building Survey (Floor plans, elevations and sections)

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Benefits of choosing Icelabz Survey

Our mission is to bring you accessible, affordable, on-time, and highly effective Engineering & Surveying services.
We believe that customers, like you, should also have the right to get the same services as a Tier 1 customer without incurring high costs.

Professional Surveyors

Engineers with years of experience at your service for your project.

Local Surveyors

With our site team located in and around London we can provide you with a local site engineer for your project.

Fast Engagement

With our unique system approach we have one of the best turn around in the industry for any design services.

Complex project

Not a problem we have the commercial and operation support to get started on complex projects.


Keeping up with competitive pricing to give you affordable and high quality service

Dedicated Support

Each project is delivered by a team and not an individual. You get the support of Snr. Engineers, Quantity Surveyors and the Site Engineer.

Setting Out

Site Setting-out

Precise position of building and civil element - If you are looking for a site engineer to set-out your designer's drawings accurately for your team, builders, or workforce to do their job we are here to help you.

With our unique service you get high quality assurance, control and checks from our senior management team.

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Our Setting-out Services

With our experienced team we can provide you the following setting-out services:

  • Foundations - piles, strip, slabs, trench, etc...
  • Ground Works
  • Steel & bolt poisitions
  • Formwork
  • Cladding works
  • Building Locations
  • Highway works - footpath, kerb alignment, carriage way, street furniture, etc...
  • Utilities - telecoms, drainage, water mains, electrification, etc...

Our setting-out services

How we operate

How we operate...

We differentiate ourselves to other companies as a professional service business rather than a one man band - like most companies you find on Google. See what we do that others don't.

  • CAD technician extracts all data prior to site visits
  • Snr. Engineer setup secondary control points for QA
  • Site Engineer undertake as-built & as-set-out checks
  • Commercial reviews complex projects
  • Management provide on-going support to site team & clients

How it works?

Our business model differs from our competitors as we specialise in providing personalised solutions to your project. For example, if you need to set-out a hatch, foundations or bolts we can provide you with high accuracy setting out for specific projects, without paying for 1 engineer for one week to do it. See below a quick checklist of our step-by-step procedure to give you an idea how it works.

  1. We advise you on the drawings we'll require before the works are undertaken so that we make sure we hit the ground running on the first day.
  2. Snr. Engineer advises you on potential issues before attending sites. (e.g. no control points, drawings not correlating with site layout plans, etc...)
  3. Snr. Engineer & Setting-out Engineer extracts all information into the instrument digitally to reduce human error.
  4. Setting-out Engineer attends sites and marks out all the elements required for your projects. Undertakes a few control checks before leaving.
  5. Any issues identified and records are saved electronically on the day and can be submitted to you for your quality assurance.

How we operate

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We work with these big construction companies on major civil, built environment and rail projects. But we also cater to domestic customers.

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About Icelabz Survey Ltd

Icelabz Survey Ltd started in 2009 when, after spending 15 years with various UK survey companies, Youv Ramburn decided to set up a company dedicated to Domestic and Private clients.

Today Icelabz Survey is one of the most respected independent survey companies operating in the United Kingdom.

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